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Community Resident Overview

Here is some key information to help you become acclimated to our community. Summarized below is important information including, community security, rules/policies and communication portals for your reference.  

Please consult our covenants and bylaws for further information:

Declaration TADH

POA Amendment TADH

Amendment Leasing and Parking TADH


Community Security

Please help to keep our community as safe as it can be by reporting any strange activity (e.g., tailgaters through the front gate, vehicles entering the exit gate, cars not parked in a guest spot) to our Board members. Help to prevent our community from being targeted by turning on your garage lights at night, keeping your car doors locked and your garage door closed at all times. Also please:


Rules & Policies

  • Speed Limit: With several residents and children active around our community, please be mindful that there is a 15 mile per hour speed limit.

  • Unit Parking: Vehicles and garbage bins should be stored in the garage with the door closed at all times. If have more than two vehicles, other vehicles must be parked in the driveway, not guest parking.

  • Guest Parking: Guests who are residing at a Unit Owners home may park in guest parking spaces for no more than 7 consecutive days or 12 days per calendar month.

  • Pet Cleanup: Community residents are responsible for picking up any waste. Failure to do so may result in a $100 fine.

  • Exterior fixtures / landscape should be kept consistent throughout the community; any changes to existing fixtures or landscape much be approved by the Board of Directors.

  • Insurance: Owners are required to maintain a Homeowners’ Insurance Policy (HO6) of minimum coverage of ten-thousand dollars ($10,000) for both internal and external damage to their unit. Proof of coverage on confirmed annually (April 1) by the Board of Directors through Heritage Property Management.

  • Leasing: Cap of 15% (10 units); $120 annual leasing fee implemented in 2021.​​


Communication Portals

  • Registration with Heritage: Sign up to make HOA payments and view other key documents on the Heritage portal: Vantaca

    • Problems registering, contact Heritage @ 770-451-8171 (press 3 for account setup)

    • Review Homeowner resources at:

    • Review documents on the Vantaca portal including: Homeowners Folder: Covenants, Bylaws, and other Docs Folder

  • Join our FaceBook Community Group: or search for “The Towns at Druid Hills”

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